Weeping Katsura

Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Pendula’

A good tree, a tree that should do well in Keizer.


It has a noted weeping growth habit. Initially the tree will grow erect, but as it matures it will take on the weeping branch habit. It has very nice heart shaped leaves that take on a beautiful blue-green color during the growing season.


This is a deciduous tree that grows to 25’ in height and 15’ in width at full maturity. 

Leaves are arranged in an opposite fashion. They are 2”-4” long and have an ovate shape. New leaves emerge reddish-purple in color, but soon morph to the bright green summer shade. In the fall the foliage turns bright yellow but one will find interesting shades of orange and apricot as well. All the while the leaves give off a pleasing strawberry scent.

Blooms (green) occur in the March–April period. They don’t add to the tree’s appearance however as they are small.

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