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Hoduras Water and Sanitation Project 2012-13

This is a small community living in a ravine that floods with gargbage and raw sewage. There is little access to clean water. Many families are single mothers, with little or no income. La Isla (the “island people”) are loacated in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. They have been neglected by the municipality and ignored by NGOs (nonprofit agencies).

Rotary has identified a source and will bring to the the community a reliable clean source of water, assist the community in providing its own improved toilets for all families; train all in handwashing and personal hygiene; assist village water committee or RCC (Rotary Community Corps) with tariffs, operations and a maintenance program, assure spare parts, and that it will be sustainable.

There will also be some training in general health, develop microenterprise using microcredit and economic development, or both.