Red Sunset®

Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’

A superior tree. It can be expected to perform very well in Keizer.


Red Sunset maple is one of the commonly grown planted maple cultivars all across the United States. It is grown for its excellent brilliant orange-red fall color and wide site adaptability.


This deciduous shade tree grows to a mature height of 45’ with a width of 35’. It grows quickly to maturity and forms a rounded tree canopy. Young trees have a pleasing smooth grey bark.

In March red flowers emerge. By early April leaves start to emerge and un-fold. Leaves are distinctly 3-lobed, simple, 2” to 4” long, and are arranged oppositely. During the summer months the leaves are glossy green, but by early fall the tree starts to develop its characteristic orange red to red fall color. The red color lasts well into October. This is a female tree that produces fruit (seeds) which themselves are bright red. Squirrels find the red fruit tasty

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