Paperbark Birch

Betula papyrifera

An average tree for the climate of Keizer, Oregon.


Best known for its peeling white bark, Paperbark Birch is a welcome addition to the Northwest garden during the short days of winter. Young trees feature reddish-brown bark with horizontal lenticels. Latter the bark becomes chalky and creamy white, peeling off in horizontal strips.


This deciduous tree grows to a height of 75’ and width of 30’. It features a loose, pyramidal shape at maturity. Leaves have serrated edges and are dull green on the upper surface and pale beneath. In the fall the leaves take on a most pleasing yellow color. Leaves range in length from 2”-4”.

Male flowers are called catkins. They consist of tubular structures 2″- 4″ and only ¼” wide. These typically occur in groups of three. Female catkins are not as long.

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