Japanese Snowbell

Styrax japonicus

A superior tree. It can be expected to perform very well in Keizer.


Late in May this tree is best known for its profusion of pendant white bell shaped blossoms which are borne on horizontal branches, producing a most striking specimen tree.


This is a deciduous tree that grows to 30’ in height and width. It typically has one central trunk which bears rather thin horizontal branches. The branches bear 3” long lustrous leaves which are 1.5” wide.

Late spring flowering begins in May and extends into June. Each flower has 5 lobes and is ¾” wide. The petals curve upward. The stamens (male portion of the flower) are bright yellow, making for a nice contrast with the white petals. The petals may have a mild pleasant fragrance.
Flowers give rise to dry, rounded drupes which persist into the fall.

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