Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’

A superior tree. It can be expected to perform very well in Keizer.


Of all the many different upright palmatum-type Japanese maple cultivars, ‘Bloodgood’ is considered the standard for which others are measured. In the landscape “Bloodgood’ leaves retain their deep red color all through the season if they are given partial shade


This deciduous tree grows to a height and width of 20’ under ideal conditions. It bears 5-lobed leaves (with 2 small lobes at the base of the leaves) borne on red twigs, set in an opposite arrangement. Leaves range in length from 2” to 5”. The tree takes on a globose canopy at maturity. Branches assume a layered look over time, as this species develops multiple stems. Mature trees have muscular limbs which are considered picturesque during the dormant season. Fall color is considered excellent as the leaves turn a bright crimson color before being shed for the winter.


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