‘Aristocrat’ Callery Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’

An average tree for the climate of Keizer, Oregon.


In spring before the new leaves unfold, the tree puts on a brilliant display of pure white flowers which, unfortunately, do not have a pleasant fragrance. The leaves emerge as red/purple, then become 1.5 to 3 inches long, glossy green with wavy margins and a red blush. They turn red again in fall before dropping. The small, pea-sized, red/brown fruits which form are quite attractive to birds and other wildlife, and mummify on the tree persisting for several months to a year. Planting two or more cultivars of Callery Pear together could increase fruit set.


‘Aristocrat’ Callery Pear quickly grows 35 to 45 feet high and 30 to 35 feet wide, with widely-spaced, upright-spreading, thornless branches. The more dominant trunk and open form of ‘Aristocrat’ Callery Pear helps to make it less susceptible to wind and ice damage than ‘Bradford’. Branch angles are wider and lateral branches grow at a slower rate than on ‘Bradford’, therefore the branches are better attached to the trunk.

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