Akebono Flowering Cherry

Prunus x yedoensis ‘Akebono’

A superior tree. Can be expected to perform well in Keizer.


Deciduous (loses leaves over winter). Upright growth at first, then becoming more horizontal, developing a slightly layered form that adds to its appeal, to 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Leaves bright lustrous green, serrate and wavy-margined. Flowers have pink tint in bud, open pure white, single, in clusters, 1 to 1½ inches in diameter with rounded petals, begin in March before leaves, end during mid to late April.


One of the very best flowering cherry trees for Mid-Willamette Valley. Disease resistant. Few to no fruits. The flowering cherry in Capitol Mall in Salem. Moderate growth rate. Performs as well or slightly better than other flowering cherries in Keizer soils.

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