Keizer Rotary Arboretum Concept

(August 24, 2017)

I.H Risely, the current President of Rotary International has challenged each Rotary Club to make a difference in our environmental sustainability by planting a tree for each of their members by Earth Day, April 22, 2018. For Keizer Rotary that means planting 76 trees which we have scheduled for November 4, 2017. To this end, Keizer Rotary has sought a partnership with the City of Keizer and the Claggett Creek Watershed Council to create a “Keizer Rotary Arboretum” which will include one or more examples of trees recommended by the City of Keizer for “right of way” planting (49 at present count). Additional interested parties have suggested a variety of other native trees as well. The final product will allow public inspection of “recommended trees” growing in a natural setting using signage, a project map, and internet technology.

After much discussion and consideration of several sites, a group representing the sponsoring parties has recommended an area in Keizer Rapids Park. Soil conditions including drainage, area size availability, proximity to water for irrigation, parking, pedestrian access, and area planning were among the criteria considered. The recommended area is near the east border of the park, starting from the Willamette River and running primarily north and a bit west as necessary to accomplish the task. Planting would take into consideration improving the sound barrier between the neighborhood to the east and Keizer Rotary Amphitheater to the west. The size of the tree at maturity including the expected canopy as well as the nature of the root system will be taken into consideration the impact on private residences to the east and the paved walk way to the west and north. It is anticipated some trees will be planted west of the walkway but not to encroach on the current concept of an “open field” as detailed in the KRP master plan. Irrigation water is readily available at this site. An appropriate irrigation system would need to be installed to avoid hand watering.

If you have any concerns, suggestions or comments please contact Mark Caillier (email:, cell: 503-930-7481).


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